The MESH technology provides self-forming, self-healing, and self-configuring capabilities using advanced data packet routing protocols.  These technologies let the MESH network constantly adjust itself to the best condition and performance.  


Configuring the MESH system is easy, a web based interface that has one page to configure all of the Mesh radios in the system. The Mesh radios will auto search and establish connections between themselves. With this advanced technology you can let the MESH network self-adjust and establish networks according to change in inference and weather conditions. 

Self Forming


If a wireless connection in your network is broken, the Mesh radios will disable this path and re-route the data to take a different path. This ensures the loss of one or more MESH radios will not break your network. If the MESH radio recovers it will rejoin the Mesh system and recommence moving data traffic.

Self Healing


Mesh provides multi-path capability that enables the Mesh network to choose the best path from point A to point B.  The end result is stable and optimal performance throughout your network.

Self Configuring

An added benefit of the SilverNet Mesh solution is that you can have multiple upload/egress (internet connection) points, this means the Mesh network can load balance traffic across the system and if an egress point fails then traffic will be routed to another egress point with network connection.

The Mesh network will improve the uptime and performance of your WISP (wireless internet service provider), small CCTV or Mobile network.