With PC monitoring, digital video recorders and a broad range of video IP codecs widely available, end users and CCTV companies are often looking at ways to reduce their ongoing infrastructure costs and increase their video bandwidth. SilverNets Wireless solutions can offer massive savings over cabling or leased lines and are very simple to use and install.

Our system will work seamlessly with video codecs. Different companies and customers favour different codecs, You choose the codec and we will provide the wireless transportation and infrastructure.

Also, if your camera or monitor moves, so can your wireless, making it the choice for rapidly deployable systems.

Secure Wireless CCTV Solutions

Other benefits

  • Full Wireless Installation/Commissioning service – No hassle
  • Fully Secured – Safe from intruders
  • Cameras can be placed virtually anywhere - and then moved
  • Access images from a computer, projector or standard monitor
  • Onvif Video codecs supported
  • Many Video streams can be transmitted over one radio link with audio, relay alarms signals and PTZ controls operational

If you need a complete solution to ensure the best video bandwidth requirements, we can suggest the video codecs, IP cameras or IP domes as well as the radio equipment in your system design.