Remote Industrial Control & Telemetry

How would you like to instantly install a seamless high speed network for your industrial control system, SCADA system or telemetry system? No need for cables and ducts. Simply install a secure high-speed wireless network using SilverNets broadband wireless network equipment.

  • Open standards - Ethernet/Optical
  • Speeds up to 2.5Gbps Duplex
  • Point-to-point up to 140KM
  • Point-to-multipoint
  • Genuinely plug-and-play

Gone are the days when radio links were the last resort to connect things you just couldn’t get a cable to.

Not only can you have a high speed network connection at virtually any location, but our broadband wireless solutions are often much cheaper than a cable network.

Whether you are installing a new industrial control system adding extra equipment, just imagine saving the costs of installing ducts and cable support systems between the locations that need to be networked. With SilverNets broadband wireless products you simply install a single box at each end… and that’s it. You have a high-speed ethernet network.

If that’s not enough, how about this. It’s genuinely plug-and-play.

The box you install is weatherproof and has a single RJ45 connector. All you do is bolt it to the wall or pole and plug in your Ethernet cable. There really is nothing else to do. If your control system equipment talks Ethernet, simply plug it in and play.

With ranges possible of over 10 kilometres with line of sight our products are ideal for telemetry applications. Imagine having a 1Gbps Ethernet connection to your telemetry outstations!

All without any line rental charges.

So, if you want high speed secure wireless networks for your industrial control system, SCADA system, or telemetry system let us know, we can help.