Mobility in Transportation

Make before Break


The safety of passengers on railways is enhanced with the introduction of a new generation of Track to Train CCTV transmission system which overcomes the limitations of mirrors, platform end monitors and leaky feeders. Multiple HD quality videos from platform mounted cameras to driver's cabs to show the views before the train arrives and continuously until it clears the station. In this way drivers can be alerted to potential incidents where people may be trapped by the train or have fallen onto the track. Multiple real time, full colour videos can be transmitted simultaneously.


The transmission system can also be configured to transmit images from the trains to the stations, and from there to the railway's control centre. In this way safety and security personnel can see inside the carriage of any selected train.


The SilverNet system is unique in many ways: Relative to IR systems, the transmissions are unaffected by weather The system can transmit many videos over the same path, which simplifies the installation because discrimination between platforms or trains is provided by frequency selection rather than antenna alignment The system uses the latest wireless technology with space diversity in which the same video is received in different antennas with automatic selection to ensure the best pictures are always available, even when there are reflections and obstructions

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