The CCTV market is taking an evolutionary step forward with the inception of Ultra 4K Megapixel cameras, perceived by many as the future of the CCTV market.

Ultra 4K High-definition (HD) or multi-megapixel (MP) IP cameras are now available that offer a huge jump in image quality compared to conventional surveillance cameras. Available in resolutions up to 16 megapixels (16 megapixels, 4872x3248 pixels, in resolution contains over 50 times more detail than images captured with conventional surveillance systems). Ultra 4K Megapixel cameras can use an actual throughput of up to 60Mbps real-time, SilverNets PRO wirelss systems can cope with this with ease due to the increased processor size and packet optimisation for contiuous video streaming.

SilverNet can offer Wireless CCTV solutions with our PRO Range of equipment that has an actual throughput of up to 95Mbps, 240Mbps, 500Mbps or 1000Mbps, meets these requirements and can be a massive cost reduction instead of leased lines or installing Fibre for example.

Example of HD Surveillance 
One of the most compelling advantages of high-definition surveillance systems is their ability to capture not only situation awareness but the big picture of what is going on. Also, fine details that can be used for license plate reading and identifying people. The combination of situational awareness and detail allows security operators to react faster and reduce investigation time, all with a higher probability of prosecution and conviction.

The images below illustrate how Ultra 4K HD surveillance systems can capture full situation awareness as well as fine detail.

Awareness Image from a HD Surveillance Camera

Sample situation awareness image

A standard camera would only be able to view this image and would then need to be zoomed to view the detail via a PTZ and thus losing the rest of the picture that is out of view.

With Ultra 4K Megapixel cameras operating seamlessly over our Wireless bridges, this detail can be zoomed into whilst still recording the whole picture.

Detail 1Detail 1
Detail 2Detail 2

Detail 3detail 3

The new Ultra 4K HD cameras are only part of the equation they are only the up-front, image-capture portion of an end-to-end imaging pipeline.

HD surveillance systems need to be designed as a complete solution that leverages all of the recent technological advances such as the SilverNet PRO Range of equipment so that the surveillance footage is preserved exactly as it was captured. To take advantage of high-resolution images and preserve their quality, a back-end infrastructure capable of handling HD images is required so that the Ultra 4K HD images do not degrade as they move through the system.

New Ultra 4K HD surveillance solutions that preserve image quality are transforming the surveillance industry.