MOCAM Testimonial

Customer Overview 

The company specialise as a provider of Redeployable Wireless CCTV Systems and rapid deployment CCTV, which can incorporateintruder alarm,fire detectionand Access control technologies.

Embracing the latest technology to capture and transmit live surveillance data over wireless networks has enabled MOCAM to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions that can be moved from site to site. MOCAMs portable solutions use Wi-Fi, 3G mobile networks and radio communications to send images direct to PC, laptop or a monitoring station ensuring that problems can be acted on as they are happening.

Mocam have been established in the CCTV market place for a long time, it has therefore tested and evaluated the latest in wireless CCTV and are now confident in its ability and uses. 

The Challenge

The question posed was how to transfer 9 x CCTV cameras with control and a voice system without installing more than a few 1m lengths of cable, 1km away?

SilverNets Solution

A wireless network was selected as having significant advantages, both functionally and in terms of infrastructure. SilverNet recommended the MICRO for implementation, due to it’s very small size and amazing throughput capability.

Using the MICRO MOCAM was able to install a system which linked all the cameras back to the centrally managed digital recording system in the control room 3.2KM away.
The undisclosed Government facility now has a state of the art wireless CCTV system recording every camera 24hrs of every day.
The system comprises of high speed dome cameras and fixed automatic number plate recognition cameras recording every number plate of every vehicle entering and leaving the business estates area. Linking it all to the centrally managed digital recording system is the latest in wireless network technology.
The images and camera control is totally seamless from the control room, and the operator would not know if it was hard wired or not, or if the camera was outside their control room or 3.2KM away.


‘we were amazed at the stability of the camera movement and quality of the video streamed over the wireless link, it is truly seamless, well done SilverNet’ Andy Proudfoot MOCAM Director MOCAM provide integrated solutions nationwide.

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