Matlock Bath, Derbyshire Project

Customer Overview

Winterton is a small town with a population of 4,700 people. North Lincolnshire Council decided to fund the installation of the video surveillance system in order to deter and detect anti-social and criminal activity and by doing so, demonstrate its support of the local community and businesses by creating a safe town centre environment. 

The Challenge

24/7 monitoring of live video, as well as access to recorded images, was considered to be essential if the video surveillance system was to be effective and it made sense for this to happen at an existing, fully equipped central control room in Scunthorpe.

Development was, and is restricted due to the steep hillsides, with the majority of buildings on one side of the valley. This poses an interesting challenge when installing CCTV to the area.

The Solution

Having evaluated a number of manufacturers Initiatec CCTV selected British Manufacturers SilverNet. Mark Yeomans from Initiatec said that “the SilverNet solution was chosen as it had performed excellently on the recent Derbyshire Police ANPR system within Matlock”

SilverNet equipment was mounted to the top of the historic Victoria Prospect Tower. The Tower was originally Built in 1844 to celebrate Victoria’s reign and provided work for redundant lead miners. Today the tower is a popular viewing point for visitors to the area. Visitors to The Heights of Abraham can climb to the top of The Victoria Prospect Tower to experience the stunning panoramic views across the Derwent valley. It was therefore important that the equipment did not restrict this access.


Due to the compact size of the SilverNet equipment this could be done with little aesthetic impact to the location. Mark Yeomans was delighted to report that “The new SilverNet links have been installed now for over 6 months with not one failure or outage”

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