Gunshot Location System


Sensors used in the U.S. that alert police to the exact location of gunshots have been installed for the first time in the UK.
West Midlands Police has installed dozens of the ShotSpotter sensors in Birmingham in a bid to combat gun crime in the city. 

The transmitters, which can determine exactly how many shots are fired and the direction the shots were fired in, has already helped to reduce gun crime by up to 70 per cent in some American cities 

The Challenge

To quickly and inconspicuously deploy multiple sensors covering a 25mile radius without disruption of digging roads and alerting criminals to the sensor locations. 

SilverNets Solution

The sensors have been attached to public and private buildings across a two-mile square area in north-west Birmingham which is notorious for gun crime.

The fixed sensors are activated by a loud bang - which is recorded and flagged up in a police control room.

The high bandwidth PRO range was used for the local and backhaul links to the sensor locations. Due to their minimal size and weight giving cabled speeds across the network. 

The images and camera control is totally seamless from the control room, and the operator would not know if it was hard wired or not, or if the camera was outside their control room or 3.2KM away.

Gunshot Location

'We can immediately dispatch officers to the area, which greatly increases our chances of arresting a suspect, or of locating witnesses in the area who can prove vital in court' 'We also hope that the technology will help us detect gun crime in the area that may currently be going unreported’ 'The sensors can also monitor sound waves to detect how many firearms have been fired - which will make our officers better prepared when they arrive at the scene' 'The ShotSpotter sensors do not record or monitor conversations - they are only activated by loud noises.' - Ch Supt Chris McKeogh

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