Dumbarton Security System

Customer Overview

Dumbarton is a town on the River Clyde, west of Glasgow. Founded in the fifth century, Dumbarton was once the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Strathclyde. The key to the town’s original success was the outcrop of volcanic rock, which is now home to Dumbarton Castle. This has been a site of strategic importance since the Iron Age and the residents were known to have traded with the Romans.

The Challenge

To replace poor 3G security systems with a flexible and reliable wireless infrastructure to cover multiple areas, because the town centre had just had new paving stones placed along the High Street so digging up the street/pavement was not an option.

The Solution

Using the MICRO, LITE, Video Watchman Systems suggested a point to point solution from each camera to a Multi-storey building and then a single point to point from the Multi-storey building to the nearest council office building and then on to their existing fibre network to the police station at Clydebank where all the cameras were then recorded and viewed real time CCTV.

The system was quickly installed and the Video Watchman Systems team were delighted with the monitoring facilities within the SilverView network monitoring software as well as the ability to quickly configure the system when changes were required.

The Client was suitably impressed with the installation of the SilverNet hardware and the fact that moving from one frame per second (with the 3G option from WCCTV) to real time meant the operators were able to track potential offender much easier than before where it was virtually impossible. Also in the event of an incident the Client is now able to view the recorded footage via their DVR at real time, again a vast improvement of what they had before.

The Technical Bit

The high bandwidth PRO range was used for multiple point to point links to the control room. Due to their minimal size and weight and the ability of giving cabled speeds across the network.

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