Aberdeen Wireless Security

Customer Overview

Aberdeen is a lively, cosmopolitan city located in North East Scotland, famous for its beautiful architecture and as a gateway to Scotland’s spectacular castle and whisky country. Since the 1970’s, the city has been the hub of the UK’s energy industry and has enjoyed a high quality of life and low unemployment.

The Challenge

To upgrade the failing cabled and partial old technology wireless infrastructure for access control and security systems with a flexible and reliable wireless infrastructure to cover multiple tenement blocks, with added resilience, cost effectively.

The Solution

Using the MICRO, LITE, MAX and XT links as Multiple point to point links, Video Watchman Systems were able to install a system which linked back to the centrally managed digital recording system and access control system in the control room which wirelessly connected to multiple remote stations with ANPR and CCTV cameras attached.

The system was quickly installed and the Video Watchman Systems team were delighted with the monitoring facilities within the SilverView network monitoring software as well as the ability to quickly configure the system.

Due to the high bandwidth availability the system can be easily expanded and have multiple cameras added to without any system performance degradation.

A key part of the system design was to have redundant links so if a link dropped for any reason another was able to take over. Using ‘RingMESH’ design SilverNet and Video Watchman Systems were able to design a cost effective system that gave the customer just that.

The Technical Bit

The high bandwidth PRO Range was used for multiple point to point links to the control room. Due to their minimal size and weight and the ability of giving cabled speeds across the network. The ‘RingMESH’ was accomplished by incorporating managed network switches at each junction point which were running a sophisticated version of spanning tree.

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